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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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My name is Dane Wanke. I am a grade 7 french immersion student at École Riverside in Thompson MB. I play piano and am working on grade 8 Royal Conservatory. I travel 800km south to Winnipeg for practical and theory exams as Royal Conservatory does not come to Thompson. I travel to Winnipeg once a month for lessons too. The lack of access to piano tuners in Thompson inspired me to do this project. The school division brings a tuner up from Winnipeg twice a year but sometimes we have problems with our piano and wait months for the tuner to return. I would like to further my knowledge of piano tuning and hope to attend the 2 year program at University of Western Ontario in the future to reach this goal which may become my career. In school I play percussion for the concert and jazz bands. My other activities include, alpine skiing, swimming (I am on the Thompson Northern Torpedo's swim team), soccer, badminton, volleyball, fishing, building snow forts and socializing with friends and family. I volunteer with my dad at the local ski hill. My advice to other students is to stay original.

Dane Wanke

Are You In Tune?
Region:Northern Manitoba
City:Thompson, MB
School:Riverside School
Abstract:As a person who plays piano and is interested in mechanics, I wanted to learn to tune a piano. After researching and experimenting with an upright piano in bad need of repair, I learned that I could tune a piano but also that there is much more to tuning then just adjusting the tension of strings.