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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Preston - I am a grade 11 student at St. George's School for boys in Vancouver, BC. I am an active member of my school community, am in engaged in extracurricular activities such as model UN, debating, history club, the yearbook, piano, cello and of course science fair. I am an avid historian, musician and scientist, and hope to go to college and gain a deeper knowledge in all of the subjects I am interested in- a liberal arts education in short. The project that my partner and I submitted this year was compelling- I was motivated to find a new way to absorb oil after seeing the carnage that resulted from the BP Oil Spill. In terms of advice I would give to students attempting a science fair project, I would simply say to follow your passions. If your project concerns an issue that you are very interested in, then you will likely enjoy your science fair. But always remember that science is always a fantastic way to achieve problems, whether they are governmental, environmental or international in scope- science can solve almost anything.
Kais - My name is Kais Khimji and I'm in Grade 11 at St. George's School. I have a very diverse range of interests and am involved a variety of activities ranging from science to arts to athletics. This will be my second time attending CWSF. I attended in 2008 when it was held in Ottawa and I look forward to seeing how my experience will be different returning as a senior student.

Preston Lim, Kais Khimji

The Golden Fleece: Innovative ways to clean up oil
Region:Greater Vancouver
City:Vancouver, BC, Coquitlam, BC
School:St George's School
Abstract:Currently, companies and governments around the world use a variety of methods such as bioremediation, dispersants, controlled burns and containment booms to alleviate the harmful effects of oil spills. Unfortunately, their techniques are dated and inefficient; our project entails the innovation of a new type of oil skimmer technology that has the capability to, not only clean up oil spills, but recover spilt petroleum.

Awards Value
Excellence Award - Senior
Bronze Medal
Sponsor: Nuclear Waste Management Organization
University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship
Senior Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Ottawa
$1 000.00
Western University Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Western University
$1 000.00
Total$2 300.00