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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Jamie Takkiruq, I am from Gjoa Haven, Nunavut. My favourite after school activity is ping pong. My most favourite thing to do is to go to traditional drum dances, I like it because I get to learn things about the past from the elders like what games they used to play and most importantly how to drum dance. I would like to be an Inuit games teacher so I can teach the games I have played so I can carry on traditions I have been taught to keep the Inuit tradition.

Jamie Takkiruq

City:Gjoa Haven, NU
School:Qiqirtaq Ilihakvik
Abstract:My project is about why drums are round. I enjoy traditional Inuit drumdancing in my free time. For this study, I created and compared a traditional round drum to a non-traditional square drum. The non-traditional drum did not make a typical drum sound while the circular drum made a sonorous sound.