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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Liam Gary Robert McKenna was born in February 2000 in Nottingham, England. Since then, he has lived in 3 different time zones. He is the youngest of three boys and has traveled on three different continents including a safari in South Africa. He currently resides in Deep River, ON and attends St. Mary's School as a Grade 7 student. He was home schooled for the first 3 years of his education and for the past 2 years Liam attended a Provincial Demonstration Boarding School in Belleville, Ontario because of a learning disability with reading. The inspiration for the project came from the 4 hour one-way car trips between home and school that Liam traveled each weekend over the last 2 years. Both of Liam's older brothers are CWSF Alumnist and he plays competitive hockey as well he is a competitive swimmer.

Liam McKenna

Nitrogen: The gas that saves you money?
Region:Renfrew County
City:Deep River, ON
School:St. Mary's E.S.
Abstract:An investigation of nitrogen versus air: to determine the most efficient gas to inflate tires. Mountain bike tires were used in combination with various temperatures and types of valves over a standard 30-day monitoring period to assess if nitrogen or air is the most efficient gas to maintain tire pressure.