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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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I am an avid cross-country skier and swimmer, and I just passed my scuba-diving course! In school my favourite subjects are Science, Math and LA. I also love to play on the school teams, such as the badminton and volleyball teams. In my spare time I love to read or to bike the river trails. As for university, I would love to go to Oxford, due to the profound inspiration and wonder when I visited Oxford two summers ago. My inspiration came from the fact that my parents are biologists, so from a young age I always loved animals. I tried to study the effect of deer browsing on new trees, but that didn't work out, since deer browsing was unpredictable. So, I switched to an animal that I love listening to and watching, the backyard birds I see out my window! In the future, I may continue my project by trying to determine if the distance from a food cache influences the birds' choice of seed, based on weight. As for my advice to students doing a project? Well, make sure you do it in the funnest way possible, do it for science!

Jonathan Farr

Nu ou non?
City:St. Albert, AB
School:Sir George Simpson Junior High
Abstract:Est-ce que ça vaut le coût d'acheter les graines décortiqués au lieu des graines noires? Dans mon étude de oiseaux, fait dans mon cours, c'était trouver que 52% des 482 oiseaux ont préférer les graines sans coquilles. Les résultats était si proche est a cause des différentes façons que les espèces d'oiseaux visitent les mangeoires. Les graines de tournesols décortiqués ne vaux pas leur coût.