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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Briana Ross and I am a grade 10 student at JL Ilsley High School in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am involved in many musical extra curricular activities and I am always looking for ways to share my voice and ideas to the world. I find that singing and science fairs have helped me do this. When you sing, you show a very vulnerable side of yourself and when you participate in science fairs you get to educate people about whatever idea you have come up with. Over the past three years I have been participating in science fairs at the school level and regional level. I have been working on the same idea for these three years, finding a treatment for acid burns. My first idea was to help divers affected by hydrogen sulfide in Blue Holes in the Bahamas. But that was too dangerous so I thought to help people with acid burns. I had found that proteins worked well at stopping acid burns. I learned about heat shock proteins and wanted to see if they could help protect/repair acid burns. In the future, I want to try bandages with heat shock proteins to help burns.

Briana Ross

Feel The Burn - The Truth
City:Halibut Bay, NS
School:J.L. Ilsley High School
Abstract:My project is about whether or not there are heat shocked proteins in yeast that had been heat shocked and whether this can help an older burn. I used Western Blotting to show that heat shocked proteins were found in heat shocked yeast. I also found that the heat shocked yeast reduced the effect of acid on salmon flesh one hour after the burn.