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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Dirk Page, I am fourteen years old, I'm in grade eight and attend Ecole Romeo-Dallaire. I speak two languages, (English and French). I play hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer. I am also an air cadet. I like playing guitar and drums as a hobby, I also play badminton as a hobby. Every summer I go camping with my family and I also like sailing. I really enjoy Science and Math. I like to find out how things work. I am interested in structures and machines. I came across the concept of hydraulics and I wanted to learn more, I decided to build something using hydraulics. I'd like to continue improving the model I invented. I strongly recommend entering a science fair because you meet a lot of nice people and it's fun and you learn a lot.

Dirk Page

Building a Hydraulic Animatron
Region:Manitoba Schools Science Symposium
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:École Roméo-Dallaire
Abstract:This project involves the design and building of a hydraulic animatron, as well as several different systems that use hydraulics. I set several objectives for my project, to build it under $150, to make it as realistic as possible, to build it using most of the materials from home and to build it using only the hydraulic system.