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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Hello my name is KC Mooney. I'm in grade eight and go to Vanier Catholic Secondary School, in Whitehorse Yukon. My favourite subjects are science and math. I enjoy reading and playing sports such as volleyball and basketball. The inspiration for my project was a friend of mine who wanted something that would help her remember things on a test. For further investigations I would like to test more scents and people, as well as testing tastes such as gum. Some advice I would give to someone thinking of doing a science fair project is to pick a topic that is close to you and something that relates to you are your community.

Kc Mooney

Does smell affect memory?
Region:Yukon Stikine
City:Whitehorse , YT
School:Vanier Catholic Secondary
Abstract:The purpose of my project is to help people who have a hard time remembering things. I devised an experiment focused on answering the question, “Do Smells Affect Memory?” This experiment involved testing seventy-six personal at the Yukon College with and without a scent to see if their memories would improve while using one scent they chose as their favourite out of three.