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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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My name is Kawerashatste McComber I was born on November 26, 2000 to Tracey Bourdeau and David McComber. I am a student at Kahnawake Survival School in Kahnawake, Mohawk Territory, Quebec. Active and athletic, I enjoy being outdoors fishing, hunting and sports, especially hockey. Currently, I play for the Bantam CC Cougars. To date a hockey highlight has been scoring seven goals and one assist in one game while playing Atom A. My 2013-14 Science Fair project the 5-Second Rule was inspired by the fact that there are people who say the rule is true, others say it is false. I wanted to find out for myself its’ accuracy. Having completed this project I have gained knowledge, skills and experience. I plan to expand my project in the future testing the rule on a variety of foods and surfaces and to learn more about microbiology. I also plan to explore buoyancy for my science fair project next year. I aspire to be an architect because I am good at drawing and the salaries are decent. My advice to others is to stay on task, respect deadlines and never give up.

Kawerashatste McComber

The 5 Second Rule
Region:Aboriginal Québec Autochtone
City:Kahnawake, QC
School:Kahnawake Survival School
Abstract:The 5-second rule states "when food is dropped on the ground you have 5 seconds to pick it up before bacteria contaminates it". This experiment examines what occurs when food is dropped on the ground. A bacteria test was used to test cookies and toast that did not hit the ground and those that did. The results showed that the rule is not accurate.