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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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I was born in England and moved to Norway when I was four and then again to Nova Scotia at age nine. I'm in grade 9 at Bayview community school. I don’t really know what I want to do for my career, but this being my second year at nationals is pointing me towards something involving science. But I also have a keen interest in performing arts and have appeared in lots of local plays. My other passion is singing and I have been a regular in the Lunenburg Music Festival for the past 5 years, I enjoy many other things as well like skating and art but hanging out with my friends is best of all. The inspiration for my project was a TV documentary about the sugar industry. It made me so mad that i wanted to find out more and try to do something about it. I have learned a lot but there is still so much more i would like to find out about. My advice to other students thnking about doing a project would be to choose a topic that really interests you as you will be spending a lot of time working on it.

Erin Smith

Sugar Sugar Can it Kill Me
Region:South Shore
City:Mahone Bay, NS
School:Bayview Community School
Abstract:This project investigates if sugar is just as harmful to a living organism as tobacco and alcohol?' It further investigates the temptation of sugar, does knowing the sugar content effect the food choices we make or is the lure of the sugar just too great? The results show that sugar has a more instant effect, subdues growth and development, accelerates aging and effects our judgement.