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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Julian is an eighth grade at the Halifax Grammar School. He has been a frequent member of the student council, and has a passion for helping less fortunate children. He personally organized charitable fundraising events, which resulted in generous donations to children in Somalia and in his home province of Nova Scotia. Julian has a seemingly endless amount of energy. He plays tennis nearly every day of the year, and is a regular at the tennis nationals competitions. He is also a top long-distance runner. The inspiration for Julian’s project came from his constant need to push himself to add power to his game. With the wide variety of tennis strings available on the market, he was curious to see whether different strings would impact his service speed. Having passion and background knowledge for his science fair topic made the process quite seamless. Julian would advise any budding scientist who is not inspired to pursue a project that is world-changing to select a topic with personal meaning. Julian will continue to experiment with different strings and tensions in pursuit of that perfect combination of accuracy and speed.

Julian Oxner

Fast...Faster...Fastest - Testing Velocity of Different Types of Tennis Strings
City:Halifax, NS
School:Halifax Grammar School
Abstract:The experiment was conducted to determine which type of tennis string provides the most velocity when a tennis ball is served. The velocity of the ball was measured in miles per hour with a Bushnell sports speed gun. All of the racquets were strung at the same tension of 44 pounds. Tension is the tightness at which tennis strings are strung onto a racquet.