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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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David Sapp is a grade 9 student at Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart School of Halifax. He is a competitive sailor who has raced in the optimist dinghy for the past five years. It is from this interest that caused him to do a project on sailing. He also competes in debating, cross-country, track, and math competitions.

David Sapp

Optimizing the Tack
City:Halifax, NS
School:Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart
Abstract:I had sailors of expert and novice quality do on-land tacks in an optimist dinghy. While they did the tacks I measured the deflection times and angles of the rudder. I did this so that I could try to optimize the rudder movements in a tack in the optimist, thus improving the tack and from that improving results at competitions.