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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Rachel Barber and I am a 10th grade student from North Bay, Ontario. Other than science, I am also very fond of music and poetry. In the future, I plan on going to university to become a teacher. I found the inspiration for my project when I had to do a research paper on genetically modified organisms and their advantages and disadvantages. From there, I found myself questioning the impacts that different growing methods would have on consumers. For a future project, I would like to grow organic and genetically modified produce and find the benefits of each. For anyone that is thinking about doing a project in the future, my advice to them would be to never give up doing their research just because others don't think that it'll be worth it. It doesn't matter if others are telling them that the project isn't a good idea because they might end up finding out something that could change the world.

Rachel Barber

Food Fight: Comparing Conventional and Organic Produce
Region:North Bay
City:North Bay, ON
School:Odyssée Une école publique
Abstract:When buying produce, consumers have to make a decision between saving money and buying conventional produce or purchasing the more expensive organic produce. In this project, the acidity, shelf life, taste and nutritional value of organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables were compared to determine which type of growth provides a bigger benefit for the consumer.