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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Jeanine Looman, and I am currently in grade nine. Outside of school, I have trained in Chito Ryu Karate for six years. In 2014, I went to the BC Winter Games, where I won two bronze medals, and I went to the karate provincials, where I won a silver medal. I also play piano, and will be taking a grade five RCM practical exam soon. I love playing piano because music is such a rewarding, fun thing to create. I also love painting, drawing, modelling clay and doing almost anything related to art. I decided to make my project about biodiesel because gas prices have always been high, and I knew that, in the future, those prices were eventually going to skyrocket because fossil fuels are going to run out. I wanted to look into alternative fuel sources, and the most efficient one I found was biodiesel. The purpose of my experiment was to compare biodiesel to gasoline and diesel, but just as badly, I wanted to see if I could really make biodiesel myself and if this futuristic sounding fuel really could be made by anyone.

Jeanine Looman

Driven By Fast Food
Region:Central Okanagan
City:West Kelowna, BC
School:Glenrosa Middle School
Abstract:The purpose of this experiment was to compare gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel made out of used deep frying oil, canola oil, and olive oil. The results supported that gasoline heats water the most in thirty seconds, then diesel and then all of the biodiesels. Despite these results, the biodiesels burned much longer than gasoline and diesel, so altered engines could run on biodiesel efficiently.