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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Hi my name is Islombek Mukhamadiev and I am grade eight student at Chief T'Selehye, Fort Good Hope. Originally I am from Uzbekistan, Central Asia. From my childhood I have been interested in Science and how everything works and functions in the universe. Mainly I am interested in in biology and physics, also chemistry. I have always been interested in magnets, mostly the way they function. Thus this was the inspiration for my project. In my project I have been testing permanent magnets under certain temperatures to examine if their strength would vary. My advice to other students would be - believing in yourself. Believe in yourself that you can pursue anything at all you would like to become true.

Islombek Mukhamadiev

How Does The Strength of a Permanent Magnet Vary with Temperature Change
City:Fort Good Hope, NT
School:Chief T'Selehye School
Abstract:In this science fair project I examined how permanent magnet's strength varies with temperature changes. In order to find the answer to the scientific question, magnets were tested in four different temperatures. Looking at the number of the paperclips, which were magnetized by the magnet, it was possible to examine the changes of the magnets’ strength in varying temperatures.