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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Matthew Kroeker and I'm in Grade 8 at Mid-Sun Junior High School in Calgary, Alberta. My favourite classes are Science and Math. I enjoy hiking and nature - and was really excited to be able to volunteer with the Fish Creek Park Snake monitoring program near my house. I'm hoping that we can expand the snake project by better tagging (so that we can follow the animals around the park in the summer) and monitor their interactions with people in the park. We also need to keep collecting data for more years so that we can better estimate population trends. I'd like to get more public awareness out there about the importance of snakes to the ecosystem. I would tell other students thinking about doing a project to find something that you're really interested in (you'll spend a lot of time on it) and be creative - I didn't think I'd find my project in the park when I was biking, but I did.

Matthew Kroeker

Calgary Suburban Snake Survival
Region:Calgary Youth
City:Calgary, AB
School:Midsun Junior High School
Abstract:This project examined populations of garter snakes within Calgary’s Fish Creek Provincial Park. In this ongoing project, Park staff and volunteers measured, weighed, and tagged snakes for recapture. Yearly population statistics were calculated and compared to weather data. Snake populations were reduced in harsher weather years. Warmer years resulted in higher numbers of larger snakes. This data can help preserve snakes in the future.