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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Patricia and I'm a grade 7 student at Chief T'Selehye School, Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories. Originally, I am from Uzbekistan, Central Asia. I was born in Scotland, Dundee. My hobbies are playing piano & dancing, as well as cooking & crafting. My passion for science developed as I learned unbelievable facts about life & universe. My science fair project studied various soil types around Fort Good Hope, further analyzing their pH levels with the pH tool when mixed with filtered water. My advice to other students would be not giving up and doing your best to accomplish your goal.

Patricia Mukhamadieva

How does the Soil Affect the pH of Water?
City:Fort Good Hope, NT
School:Chief T'Selehye School
Abstract:This project describes the effect of different soil types on the pH levels of water. Soils collected from community garden, disturbed and undisturbed sites in Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories, were mixed with filtered water (neutral pH level), and then their pH levels were measured. The measurement showed that pH levels of the mixtures were increased due to alkalinity of the soils in the community.