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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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I am a grade 11 student going to Ecole La Source in Shilo, Manitoba. I am a fan of soccer, I play it all year long since I was four. I live on an organic farm where I help my parents raising animals and cereals. I also spend lots of time with my horse that I started to break down last fall. I found the inspiration for my project watching a documentary about aquaponics on TV that really triggered my curiosity. I thought the idea of raising fishes and grow veggies at the same time would be a great ecological solution considering the ever growing population on Earth. Also, growing food in quantities without the use of pesticides or other chemicals would be great for our environment and our health. I think doing a science project is a great way to answer questions! By following the scientific process, you can learn all the reasonning and steps that goes with it!

Christopher Vauzelle

L’aquaponie, est-ce l’avenir?
Region:Western Manitoba
City:Wawanesa, MB
School:École La Source
Abstract:La population mondial augmente de façon constante et inquiétante, prévoyant d'atteindre 9 milliards d'êtres humains d'ici 2050. Désormais, une course contre la montre est engagée: nous devons trouver une façon de nourrir cette population sans toutefois appauvrire et détruire les réserves de notre planète. Depuis plusieurs années. L'aquaculture et l'hydroponie furent combinée pour créer un système nommé l'aquaponie.