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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Nick Cusack, I live on the Kingston Peninsula just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick. I am in grade 8 at Macdonald Consolidated School (MCS). I love to play sports,soccer and hockey are my favorite. I got the inspiration for my project from my brother's friend who broke his arm and still drove his car. I didn't think this was safe to be doing with only one arm so I built a device that would allow people to be able to grasp objects while wearing a cast. I have broken both my arms when I was young so I knew the difficulties of wearing a cast. I would like to keep working on my prototype to make it more versatile and compact. I would also like to work with the cast itself to make it easier to work with. Advice I would give to others is to take lots of time thinking about your ideas and building on them.

Nick Cusack

Leave the Gas, Save the Grass
City:Summerville , NB
School:Hampton High School
Abstract:For my project I created a regenerative system for an electric vehicle. The concept recharges the car as it drives, theoretically letting it drive without ever having to stop and recharge. I was able to create enough energy wasted in the spinning wheels to be able to recharge the battery without having to plug it into an outlet to charge.