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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Eken - I am a member of DSMakers and 10th grade student in Istanbul, Turkey. I am playing basketball and I am attending at engineering for 4 years and with my project partner Ali we are struggling about this project for 2 years. In DSMakers every monday we learn new things about engineering and during the week we construct our projects. 2 years ago we started to feel bad about people who diagnosed with paralysis or who has movement limit. And we started to brainstorm for solution after 2 years and hardworking we came up with this projectt for making their life easier. Last september we consituted a maker team in our school and after all of the effort and hardworking I understood that to achieve your goals you only need diligence, desire, hardworking and being undaunted.
Ali - We have started a Maker club "DSMakers" at our school this year. I am the leader of this club and we progressed a lot in such a small amount of time. Every monday we gather and learn a new topic about mechatronics and in the rest of the week, we complete our projects. My project partner Eken is in this club either and we completed most of our project here. My mentor's husband has multiple sclerosis. We had our idea when he once came to our workshop in school. Then that spark grew bigger and bigger.

Eken Ozlu, Ali Akgül

Thought Controlled Smart House and Wheelchair for People with Paralysis
City:Adana, , Istanbul,
Abstract:In our project, we designed a thought controlled smart house and wheelchair for people with paralysis or has a movement limiting condition. We designed a device which scans and interprets brainwaves in order to activate and control electrical devices such as wheelchair, TV, air conditioners, lights and others to help physically challenged people do simple everyday actions.

Awards Value
Gold Medal - International
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada