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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Pearce Lacey is a Grade 8 student at Holy Family School in Hanover, Ontario. This is his first trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Pearce loves science and mathematics and has always found these subjects to be quite fascinating. He absolutely loves to learn new things. Pearce chose to complete his project, this year, on the autoimmune disease named Achalasia. Pearce’s mother suffers from Achalasia and he wanted to improve his understanding of what she is experiencing in order to support her and others who are suffering from this disease. Pearce enjoys problem-solving and developing his understanding of how things work and why things happen in the manner that they do. Outside of science fair Pearce really enjoys sports. He spends his time playing competitive hockey, snowmobiling, and playing table tennis during the winter months. Pearce plays soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball in the summer. He also enjoys cycling and swimming. Pearce plays the piano and has a passion for music. He really enjoys piano because his grandmother played the piano and was the inspiration for him to actively pursue piano as well. In his spare time Pearce can be found reading, gaming, and watching YouTube videos.

Pearce Lacey

Determining the Efficacy of POEM and LHM Following Prior Treatments
City:Owen Sound, ON
School:Holy Family E.S.
Abstract:This project examined 7 medical studies involving a total of 746 patients who underwent POEM or LHM surgical procedures for the treatment of symptoms resulting from the autoimmune disease called Achalasia. Sixty-five percent of these patients had received one or more prior interventions. The overall conclusion of this extensive literature review was that POEM was the better surgical option for patients who had prior interventions.