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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Nyanasoundari Lourdsamy is a grade 8 student, at Holy Family School, in Hanover, Ontario. She is an ambivert who loves mingling with people, derive great pleasures from books and has a strong passion for music. Her project was formed when her mother could not get up from her bed because her head was spinning. Nyanasoundari found out that her mom has severe vertigo, and it was caused by high sound intensity. Symptoms were shown for years, but they did not catch it on fast enough, to prevent it. Now, her mom has to suffer from vertigo, all her life and has a very high chance of having hearing loss in the future. Nyanasoundari loves health science, and thus this project was created. This project is about creating awareness to people about tinnitus and vertigo, and how it is caused by high sound intensity. Nyanasoundari is exploring careers in health science as she is passionate about health advocacy.

Nyanasoundari Lourdsamy

City:Hanover, ON
School:Holy Family E.S.
Abstract:This project thoroughly investigated high intensity sound and whether this sound could trigger tinnitus and vertigo. Nine hundred sound level measurements were taken. Sixty surveys were completed by individuals who work in loud environments. It was decisively concluded that high intensity sound does trigger tinnitus and vertigo. The first step in preventing ear damage is making people more aware of the detriments of noise pollution.