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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Julia Tichbourne is a grade eight student at Georgian Bay Community School in Meaford Ontario. She will be attending the Canada Wide Science Fair for the first time representing the Bluewater District School Board. Julia enjoys playing the viola and sports such as skiing, volleyball and basketball. She is a member of 4H Canada, Meaford Coyote Track Club and GBCS Orchestra. The idea for Julia's project came from her passion for children and love of music. She has always wanted to attend teachers College once she graduates from University. While looking for innovative ideas to help children learn she began to think about other areas where young people require reduced distractions. Distracted teenage driving topped the list with such high levels of incidents. Julia will be continuing her study with the next step being to determine if the volume of the music is a contributing factor of distractions.

Julia Tichbourne

Does Music Affect Your Concentration?
City:Meaford, ON
School:Georgian Bay Community School
Abstract:This project determined that listening to music affects one’s concentration in a positive manner. A total of 500 tests were performed by 100 test subjects. Eighty percent of the test subjects performed better on tasks involving concentration while listening to at least one of the three types of music tested, compared to silence. Eighty percent of male test subjects performed best listening to classical music.