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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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I got my inspiration for this topic from my involvement in agriculture. My family are grain farmers that do their best to grow healthy productive plants. Some times farmers run into challenges with pests that attack their crops. I wanted to see if some of the products that farmers are using are actually making a difference in the development of their crops. I would like to further investigate additional crops and what pests impact their development. I would recommend that other students select a topic that matters to them personally. I am proud of my background in agriculture, eager to keep learning and excited to share my experiences with others.

Rory Petrichuk

Ensuring a Healthy Crop
Region:Prairie Valley
City:Balcarres, SK
School:Balcarres Community School
Abstract:Ensuring an healthy crop. Determining if current agricultural products and technology provide value to the producers that are using them. Showing that developing healthy seedling results in a more productive crop.