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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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My name is Jonah Norman. I am twelve years old and am in grade 7 at Christ the King school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through my school, I play alto saxophone, school sports and participate in science fairs, math competitions and attended ‘We Day’. My favorite subjects are math and science. Outside of school, I play baseball, hockey and club volleyball on competitive teams. I enjoy swimming, golf, chess and fishing. I also volunteer my time with charities, organizing annual toys and coat drives for children in need. My love for competition, sports and science is what motivated me to do a project on baseball. As a Peewee AAA baseball player, I am one of the smaller players in my league. I believe that if I can generate more bat speed than a larger player, I should be able to hit the ball farther than a heavier player my age. I learned that good bat speed and attack angle are important. I would like to further study how attack angle will improve a player’s performance. My advice is to find a project that interests you. If you enjoy it, science will be fun.

Jonah Norman

Speed vs. Mass
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:Christ the King
Abstract:The purpose of "Speed vs Mass" was to determine if my belief that bat speed would have a greater effect on the distance a baseball travels, then the size (mass) of the batter. I wanted to prove that smaller baseball players could outperform larger players if they could generate greater bat speed.