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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Jordan MacKellar. I love to read fantasy books, collect rocks and minerals and play ringette. When I get a job, I would like to be a pilot or an author. I have always loved writing, and books bring so much joy to people. I have one dog, a Brittany, named Rio, who likes to go for walks and chase birds and squirrels. I love animals, but sadly I am allergic to many of them. I have been going to a mineral club since I was in grade three. I thought that I could use some of my knowledge on crystals to guide me through this project. In further investigations for my project, I might test to see if UV light affects the opal’s play-of-colour. Opal is one of my favourite stones because of the magnificent and fascinating display of colour that is ever-changing. It’s also my birthstone, so I think that would be a very interesting experiment. Some advice from me to students doing a project for a science fair is to start your proposal as soon as possible because it can be difficult and can take awhile to write about something you have not done yet.

Jordan MacKellar

Light It Up! The Effect of UV Light on the Growth of Crystals
City:Whitby, ON
School:Trafalgar Castle School
Abstract:This project investigated whether UV light affects the growth speed of crystals. Crystals are used many times in our daily lives, and by making them larger, we could use them for so much more. This project determined that there is a strong possibility that UV light affects the growth speed of crystals by making them grow larger and faster than those grown in darkness.