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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Saralee - Hi, my name is Saralee. I'm from St.Theresa Point, Manitoba. I'm in grade 10 and very interested in Science. I got the inspiration for this project from my teacher in school, and my interest in cell biology. I would like to continue to work on this field and take Science at university. I also like to read novels and play soccer. My message to all of you is to always follow what you like and put your heart into it. This way, everything good will happen to you.
Mary - Hi, my name is Mary Wood.I am from St.Theresa Point First Nation in the Island lake region. I like to play different sports and my favorites are Ice hockey,volleyball,and basketball. I came up with the idea of working in this project after discussing with my science teacher. As I started to work on this project I discovered how exciting the field of cellular biology is,therefore I will be going to pursue science at university. My message to all of you is to put your mind in everything that you do and be excited about your experiences.

Saralee Knott, Mary Wood

Impact of Adrenaline on Adipogenesis in the 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
Region:Island Lake
City:St.Theresa Point, MB, Winnipeg, MB
School:St. Theresa Point School
Abstract:Obesity is a major health problem worldwide. To understand how obesity is involved in diseases like heart disease or diabetes, we need to understand how fat develops in the body. Fat tissue is made up of several types of cells, mainly adipocytes, which function as fat storage for the body. In this experiment, we wanted to find out what the adrenaline hormone does to adipocytes.