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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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I am a grade 10 student at Dr John Hugh Gillis Regional High School. I am a member of my school concert band and stage band, and also perform in musicals. I enjoy math, science, reading, and knitting. I recently traveled to Ottawa to create a draft of the Canadian Children's Charter of Rights and Freedoms with the organization Children First. I am considering a career in mechanical or civil engineering. The purpose of my project was to assess the effects of different combinations of sugar and road salt as de-icers on roadside vegetation. I was inspired to do this project by hearing about all the negative effects of road salt on our environment. If I were to continue this project, I would like to assess the effects of sugar and road salt on aquatic life, as de-icers inevitably run off into lakes and rivers. My advice to anyone thinking about doing a project is to find an everyday problem and try to solve it. Don't stop until you've found out what you want to know!

Lyza Ells

Roadside Vegetation: It’s Not Easy Being Green
City:Brierly Brook, NS
School:Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional School
Abstract:In a previous project, I determined that specific solutions of road salt and sugar would be comparably efficient as a de-icer and less corrosive than road salt alone. In this project, I assessed the effects of several combinations of sugar and salt on grass, the vegetation affected by using de-icers on roads. I concluded that the same aforementioned solutions would also be beneficial for grass.