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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Hannah Allen, and I am a student Bayview Community School in Mahone Bay, NS. I am active in several sports (cross country, soccer, basketball, badminton, and track and field), jazz band, drama productions, and student government. I also attend fine art classes and am interested in the linkages between art and technical design sciences. As for my project, I am very intrigued by the artistic and technical aspects of handwriting, so that guided me towards my project subject matter. My project has evolved since it originally started and moving forward I would like to take it a step further by conversing with professional psychological experts, in order to obtain their opinion on my conclusions and potential areas of further study. As for further study, I would like to explore the area of signatures across different cultures, and their origins. Science may come easy to others, but I feel that it is important to choose a subject that makes you excited, or emotional for that matter. Emotion and passion can drive us to discover and reveal the true science behind anything.

Hannah Allen

The Psychology of Handwriting
Region:South Shore
City:Blockhouse, NS
School:Bayview Community School
Abstract:A child’s educational institutions, parents or guardians teach the technical aspects of handwriting. Through age and development, individuals establish unique writing styles, such as the way the writing utensil is held, the pressure used, and the curvature of the letter characters produced. Since handwriting style is unique between individuals, can it be related to an individual’s personality?