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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Noah, and I am in grade eleven at Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Besides competing in science fairs, I enjoy participating in sports. I run marathons, curl, and play hockey and baseball. Some interests of mine include skating, reading, making videos, and hanging out with friends and family. I enjoy giving back to my community by volunteering at my local community club. I do well in school, have earned a few academic awards, and enjoy Math, Physics and Chemistry. I am currently taking many IB classes, and love the elective Media Production course. I have competed in science fairs since the third grade, and have found a great deal of success in doing them. This year, I got the inspiration for my project from my IB Chemistry class, which I have been taking since the beginning of the year and am thoroughly enjoying. My favourite units include bonding, energetics and organic chemistry, which inspired me to do a project which touched on all three of these topics. Finally, my advice to future science fair participants would be to simply do a project that you're passionate about, and to enjoy every minute of the experience!

Noah Davidson

The Effect of the Carbon Chain Length of an Alcohol During a Combustion Reaction
Region:St. James-Assiniboia
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
Abstract:I sought to determine how the amount of carbon atoms in alcohols affects their amount of energy released when burned. I found that as the number of carbon atoms increased, more energy was released. More carbon dioxide was produced, making for a larger change in the total energy of the reaction. My research is important in finding the most efficient fuels for everyday uses.