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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Sujit Velmurugan, and I am attending Westwood Community High school. I regularly participate in badminton, chess, computer hardware, and coding related activities. Some of my notable achievements include winning the regional science fair, winning many chess and badminton tournaments. I got the inspiration for my project through my garden, as the plants grew very slowly and this leads me to find a way to grow plants more effectively and consistently. I plan on working on my project even after national science fair is over; adding sensors and more advanced algorithms to benefit the system better. The only advice I would give to someone starting a science fair project is that the project should be done with passion throughout as it allows for less distractions and more determination.

Sujit Velmurugan

Farming of the Future: Vertically Expandable Automated Adaptive Farming System
Region:Wood Buffalo
City:Fort McMurray, AB
School:Westwood Community High School
Abstract:The project, "Farming Of The Future: Vertically Expandable Automated Adaptive Farming System," is a farming method in which plants and fish can simultaneously grow while conserving more water and electricity than any other farming method. Making it more appealing to farmers as they can produce more products for the general population while using no additives in the process.