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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Hi, I'm Joey Harper from Wasagamack Manitoba. I go to my community's school known as George Knott School. We have our communities activities at certain times of the year, such as holidays and more. We have a little event called Treaty Days where we can simply have fun with friends and family. We play games and earn money on prizes given to first, second and third places. I like to draw, watch anime, and I am starting to love science/chemistry/biology. I'm also interested in what i'm doing right now. When I get older and more mature, I plan on searching about parallel universes, time travel and enhancing our human capabilities although it could not happen but I still have hope for it to come true in the future. I got my project from an article I read on facebook on how bromine is bad for you and can kill you, I plan on studying more things in the future on what I said earlier on this biography. My advice is to not give up hope and dream big because everything is possible if you work hard enough! Thank you for reading this biography and wish you a good day.

Joey Harper

Soft Drinks with Bromine as a Risk Factor for In Vitro Streak Healing Assay
Region:Island Lake
City:Wasagamack, MB
School:George Knott School
Abstract:The effects of bromine were observed in the wound healing process using rat bone marrow stem cells in streak test. Reading about the addition of Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) in most soft drinks available today sparked my interest. Research shows that BVO accumulates in the body causing damages under higher concentrations. Results from this investigation indicates that higher concentration of BVO affects cell migration.