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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Skye - The inspiration from our project "Finding Microplastics in water with Nile red" came from an article my partner and I read about the health of aquatic life and how that affects anything living. we later advanced this idea to how can we help living things avoid these tiny plastics? with that though in our heads we created our own filter, and put to the test filters that are on the shelf in stores that many people have currently in comparison. Our currently plans to further our project is to show our information to the city, to bring more awareness for our issue to light. we believe if we get the city of north bay (where we live) to acknowledge micro plastics and attempt to change their filtration system, other cities will follow suit. My personal advice for other students wanting to do a project is to choose a topic that interests you, something you actively want to work on and strive to get results.
Ian - Hello, my name is Ian. I go to West Ferris Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario. I have always loved science since I was a young student. I’m in the STEAM program in grade 9 and participating in Science Fair is part of this program. My partners Skye and I knew we wanted to do a project that was going to help the environment and fix an issue in our local community. We made a filter that removes micro plastics from water. We realized that the north bay water system does not focus on the removal of micro-plastics in their systems. After finding the micro-plastics, we want to take are finding to the City of North Bay to see if they will look at the removal of micro-plastics of drinking water in the future. Advice that I would give other students would be find a topic that you are interested in and don’t procrastinate. Other than science fair I am also involved in theatre. I am currently in a school production that is going on to the provincial level.

Skye White, Ian McCormack

Looking for Microplastics in Water with Nile Red
Region:North Bay
City:Sundridge, ON, North Bay, ON
School:West Ferris S.S.
Abstract:Our project was a study on the removal of micro plastics in water, which are tiny particles that break down from things like makeup products, face washes, exfoliants, etc. we figured that by creating a filter loosely based on a carbon filter and compared it to an on the shelf filter like Brita we could distinguish which one is better.