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ESPC 2008 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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Jenny - I am currently fifteen years old and I’m in my first year of high school. My interest in sciences has led me to studying in Talented Offerings for Programs in the Sciences (TOPS) at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. In school, I participated in the chess club, junior quiz league, anime club, steel band, eco-team, ping-pong club, concert band and more. I have many interests outside of school as well; playing basketball, roller-skating, playing badminton, skating, singing, sketching, and making friends. Being influent in both English and Chinese has helped me much in making friends. I enjoyed co-teaching hip-hop, playing clarinet and zither, and hanging out with my friends. Receiving high marks and recognitions in school are not my only achievements, I’ve also won second place in a provincial writing contest, third place in an track and field event, and second place in a speech contest on how to struggle through hard times and how to adapt to new environments. Having many interests makes it difficult for me to choose a careers path. However, I will be sure to enjoy what I do and I will always love science.
Romina - My name is Romina Abachi and I am a grade 9 student. I was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to Canada in 2005. It was not easy for me to adapt to the change; however, as time went by, I realized that just as the sky is blue no matter which country you are in, so is science the same. Making sure I always remembered that, I set out to defy all obstacles and let nothing, absolutely nothing, come in my path to enlightenment. In my spare time, I like to play tennis, badminton, or just go to the movies with my friends. I also tutor my peers in school subjects such as math, science, and French. In the future, I hope to get into a forensics job; specifically, invloving work with nuclear substances.

Jenny Yao, Romina Abachi

"Air" It Don't "Wipe" It
Division:Sciences de la santé / Technologie automobile
Ville:Toronto, ON
École:Marc Garneau Collegiate
Sommaire:The objective of this project was to propose a type of windshield-cleaning system that would remove flaws such as streaking, noise, distraction, the constant need to be replaced and so forth. The goal was accomplished by inventing a system consisting of an air compressor that creates high-speed air and blows it onto the windshield and therefore removes all blockages.