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ESPC 2008 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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My name is Aaron burton. I'm a 13 year old boy that goes to Albert street middle school in Fredericton. I have two brothers and one sister in my family. I love to play hockey. I'm a right winger on my team. I also do karote at the Fredericton YMCA. I am on the track team and the badminton team at my school. I do long distance running races at track meets. I am a bagpiper in the Fredericton jounior pipe band. I play baseball and football in my back yard with my friends and family, but not in leaque. I love to go on zip lines, beacuse I like going on fast and high rides, even though I'm scared of hights. In the Summer I go to my friends cottage. My favourite things to do there are biking in the woods and swimming in the saint John river. I also love to roast marshmellows over a fire late at night. My favourite food is chickin and hamburgers. My favourite sport is hockey. My favourite movie is Lord of the rings the return of the king. My favourite subject in school is out door phys-ed because we play road hockey.

Aaron Burton

Surface Tension
Région:River Valley
Ville:Fredericton, NB
École:Albert Street Middle School
Sommaire:The purpose of this experiment was to learn about a property of liquids called surface tension and to demonstrate how the surface tension of water can be changed by adding different substances. This property lets the water strider walk on water. It even allows small pieces of metal such as needles to float on a liquid’s surface.

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Mention honorable - Sciences physiques et des mathématiques
Sponsor: Encana Corporation
100,00 $
Total100,00 $