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ESPC 2010 - Peterborough (Ontario)

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Madalyn - My name is Madalyn Light. This is my 3rd national science fair. I was born in Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia. I participate in activities like dance, air cadets, drawing, hiking and painting. My favorite band is Anberlin. I hope to get the tour that goes to Toronto. For college I want to got RMC. My career goal is to become a pilot.
Emma - Hi, I'm Emma Walker. I am part of team B.C. this year for the third time. I am participating in archery, soccer, air cadets, ballet and choir. I lived in Switzerland for a year when I was younger. I discovered that my favorite food is deep fried haggis with chips, when I visited Scotland this summer. My favorite book genres are fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction. I love medieval, Jacobite and Renaissance history. I am a big fan of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I love art and music. I play the Irish whistle and piano. I recently got a flute and am working on learning it as well. I also want to learn the bagpipes. My favorite art mediums are chalk pastels, oil paint, clay and ink. I especially like calligraphy. When I finish school and university I would like to be an university professor.

Madalyn Light, Emma Walker

OLE (Olive Lichen Extraction)
Division:Sciences de la terre et de l'environnement
Région:Central Okanagan
Ville:Kelowna, BC
École:Kelowna Senior Secondary
Sommaire:Usnic acid was extracted from Usnea hirta. The extract was transferred into olive oil to create a solution that could be used as sunscreen. The sample was then run through a spectrophotometer to determine UV absorption. These results were used to calculate SPF. The results indicate that a sunscreen is possible, although an increased concentration of usnic acid is required for a reasonable SPF.