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ESPC 2011 - Toronto (Ontario)

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Adrian Hucal is 12 years old and lives in Stoney Creek, Ontario. He has been motivated to save the earth ever since he watched the movie entitled The Inconvenient Truth when he was 8. Adrian's interest in the environment prompted Green Saturdays within his family’s home so that each weekend would result in adopting a new "green" activity that would help the earth. From 2008 – 2010, Adrian was one of ten Canadian student advisors for the Sunlight Green Clean Kids initiative. He started a Green Team at his school, and is best known within his school board for speaking up on issues regarding global warming, environmental stewardship, and energy conservation. Adrian loves being outdoors and his favourite season is winter. Adrian is an avid basketball player, hates missing schoolwork, and is an accomplished pianist. He hopes to one day become an environmental engineer. Adrian is currently working on a polar bear expedition for Hamilton high school students to Churchill, Manitoba. He hopes that by bringing students closer to the habitat that supports our cuddly Canadian symbol, students will be inspired to work harder to save the environment. Adrian plans to participate in the first expedition.

Adrian Hucal

"Watt" a Waste
Région:Bay Area
Ville:Stoney Creek, ON
École:Our Lady of Peace E.S.
Sommaire:Power usage of computer monitors was studied to determine if there was a significant difference between various operating modes from fully on to fully off and all modes in between. Modern LCD monitors were studied along with monitors with CRT technology. Newer LCD monitors use less energy than CRT monitors in all operating modes. Energy saving modes for all computers are sleep, standby and hibernation.