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ESPC 2011 - Toronto (Ontario)

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My name is Marieta Buse. I am completing my grade 12 year and will be starting the biomedical undergraduate program at McGill University in September. I wish to further my studies in Medical School and to specialize in psychiatry. Travelling is one of my main passions in life because I believe it is not enough be my best, I must also help those around me. This past March, I had the most incredible experience doing relief work in Nepal. As a part of a team, I was able to help build a school community in Yagrima and Thakani. I also believe in keeping my lifestyle balanced and this has motivated me to consistently keep myself active. I enjoy running and rowing, but my favourite pastime is working out. I love the thrill of testing my physical limits with weights, circuits, and cardio. Finally, I am a social person. As such, I can say that I am happiest when I can hear of places I have never seen, of things I’ve never done, of people who I’ve never met, etc. In this way, I hope this helps me be less ignorant of the beauty of the world around me.

Marieta Buse

Meddling with Metals
Ville:Kitchener, ON
École:St. John's-Kilmarnock School
Sommaire:The effects of varying concentrations of Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, and Lead were studied through root/shoot lengths and the germination rate of wheat seeds. Seeds were soaked in the concentrations, incubated, and then the viable seeds were counted and their lengths measured. This study encourages society to change the environmental fate of toxic metals by demonstrating the health risks to primary producers and, indirectly, consumers.

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