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ESPC 2011 - Toronto (Ontario)

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Since the age of 10 I have dreamed of working in social sciences (specifically psychology). Since then I have taken Introduction to Sociology, Psychology, and Anthropology as well as Family and Individual Studies and Introduction to Sociology while in highschool. I am currently in grade 11 and I have achieved high honors. Most information that is taught in these classes I have further investigated to learn as much possible information as I can. Along with schooling I have thirst for more information on this topic and had fulfilled that thirst by reading material that I have found by Sigmund Freud, and other similar psychologist. As well as reading up on this subject I apply it to life, I work a children's camp during the summer gives me lots of opportunities to study different theories. My future goals is to get a doctorate in Young Adult (Teenager) Psychology. I know I could do exceedingly well in this area and by doing well in this competition would help prepare me for my future career, gain more experience and receive constructive criticism.

Christina Meyers

The Effects of Household Stability on High School Students Self Esteem
Région:Algoma Rotary
Ville:Sault Ste. Marie , ON
École:Korah Collegiate & Vocational School
Sommaire:The purpose of this study was to determine the effect household stability has on high school students self esteem. Household stability and level of self esteem were measured based off 146 high school students. It was found the those students in stable households have a higher self esteem them those students in unstable households, gender also has an affect on the level of self esteem.