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ESPC 2011 - Toronto (Ontario)

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Natasha - My name is Natasha Boyes, I am currently seventeen years old in grade 12, french immersion program. Academics and athletics are both very important to me, I hope to graduate with a bilingual diploma this spring and I compete in many different sports all year round, such as cross country running and biathlon. I have won many awards in the latter, including many national titles in the Cadet Biathlon side of the sport. I give up many evenings throughout the year to volunteer for a concession stand in support of our local AA hockey team, and this is an experience that I greatly enjoy. I also help to teach youngsters to cross country ski during the winter.
Ryan - I am a oriental student living in northern saskatchewan. I'm am active in extracuricular activites such as piano, hockey, track, air cadets, and cross country running. I also help my parents at their restaurant during my off time. I plan to continue my education at the university of saskatchewan but i am currently unsure of what I want to become when I'm older but like others i have a vague idea so far. My choices currently are a chemist or a kinesiology.

Natasha Boyes, Ryan Leung

Do You Have the Twitch?
Région:Northern Saskatchewan
Ville:La Ronge, SK
École:Churchill Composite H.S.
Sommaire:Our project is a study on the possibility of muscle fibre conversion; on changing one's specific muscle fibre type to another that better suits their daily activities. We explore the factors of this possibility (i.e. nutrition, steroids, gene expression etc.) and though this is still an open topic with many unknowns and possibilities, we have made our own conclusions on muscle fibre conversion.