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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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Caroline - I am a grade eight student from CHEKABC, which is a homeschooling organization in British Columbia. Some of my interests include horseback riding, animals, and anything that has to do with nature. I love bareback riding and especially jumping my horse Whisper. I also enjoy running in the fields and exploring the forest with my dog Zonta, and cuddling with my goofy cat Muscade. In the future, I plan to become a veterinarian. I am passionate about science, and have been doing science fairs for three years. I am very honored and proud to have the opportunity to represent the East Kootenays at the Canada Wide Science Fair for the first time. I got the inspiration for this project from Chad's cousin. He told us that water can burn and we did not believe it. In the future, I am unsure of what future investigations I will do, but I know for certain that I want to continue doing science fair! The advice that I would give to other students thinking about doing a project would be: pick a topic you are passionate about, even if you don't win you are still learning, and never ever give up.
Chad - Hi my name is Chad Temple. My school is CHEKABC (homeschool). I am in grade seven and live in British Columbia. Some of my hobbies are farming, and playing with animals. I also like to camp in the wilderness beside lake Koocanusa with my familly and dog. In the future I would have a huge farm. I have done science fairs for three years. I am proud to go to the Canada Wide Science Fair for the first time. I got the inspiration for this project from my cousin. He told me that water can burn and I did not believe him. In the futre I plan to continue to do science fair! Advice that I would give someone else doing a science fair project would be: start the project early, pick a topic that you are passionaate about, and go out there to have fun and learn a lot, not to win.

Caroline Forest, Chad Temple

Burning Water: H2O into HHO
Région:East Kootenay
Ville:Fernie, BC
Sommaire:A big problem today is pollution. Our goal was to find a solution to this growing threat. After researching alternatives too fossil fuels, we concluded that water was the best one since it is the most aboundant resource on Earth and produces no emissions. We constructed a device out of stainless steel which we used to transform water into HHO making it flammable and volatile.