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ESPC 2014 - Windsor (Ontario)

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Katie - My name is Katie Dollard. I'm a fourteen year old girl in grade eight. My partner/best friend Taylor came up with this project while running in gym class one day while listening to music. I bought into it quickly because the topic really interests me. I haven't really thought about what I want to do after high school, but I am leaning towards welding. For the 2 previous science fairs we won we got 3 best in show plaques, 1 silver medal, 1 gold medal and 1 blue second place ribbon. The advice I would give to other students is work hard and never give up when it gets too challenging.
Taylor - My name is Taylor Hydamaka. I am currently 13 years old living in a border town called Flin Flon, Manitoba. Some hobbies of mine include: aqua fitness, zumba, badminton, drawing and painting. In school my favourite subject has always been science, on a regular school day I look forward to it. I look forward to learning different things period! When I graduate I want to be either a General Practitioner or a Scientist. I have never been to a Canada Wide Science Fair before, nor have I been anywhere East of Winnipeg; and I am so excited and appreciative to be able to travel as far as Windsor, Ontario to participate in the Canada Wide Science Fair this year. My partner Katie is my life long friend. Katie and I did our project on the affects of music on different activities. I came up with this idea on my own while noticing a difference in my performance in gym while listening to music. Our project was something my partner and I were both interested in; that's why we stuck with it! Some advice for others doing a science fair project is to pick something they are interested in!

Katie Dollard, Taylor Hydamaka

Effects of Music on Different Activities
Région:Northern Manitoba
Ville:Flin Flon , MB, Flin Flon, MB
École:Ruth Betts School
Sommaire:Does music help people engage better in different activities? After testing 15 different people for physical activity, working activity, and memorization with and without music our results that we had were both expected and unexpected. Our results proved that music does indeed help people engage better while participating in physical activity, yet working activity and memorization failed to show the same results.