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ESPC 2014 - Windsor (Ontario)

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Joy - Hello! My name is Joy Wang, and I am a student attending York House School in Vancouver, BC. Throughout my life, I have always loved fine arts, sports, and science. I hope to have a career in the science field in the future. I have been aware of the complexity of cancer since a very young age. Prostate cancer, in particular, is one of the most common cancers in men. Furthermore, this is a very aggressive type of cancer where there is currently no effective curative therapy. Since I wanted to experience being a research student, I decided to base my project on something that interested me and also allowed me to get lab experience: prostate cancer. We found two potential ASO which could possibly become a treatment in the future. I would love to continue working on this project by investigating how the ASO drug affects the other cells in an animal. If you are thinking of doing a project, choose a category of science you are passionate about. If you like your project, you'll enjoy and benefit yourself. Science is fun!
Kendra - My name is Kendra Fu, and I’m in grade 10 at York House School, Vancouver, BC. As strange as this sounds, I quite enjoy school and simply being there. I take the most pleasure in making friends, both short- and long-term ones. Art (visual—especially drawing, painting, sculpting), reading, music making (piano, alto sax, vocal), and volunteering locally are some other interests of mine. Since I was young, I’ve been indecisive to no ends. You name it, I’ve dreamed of careers in everything. But hey, who knows. I have, though, always been attracted to science and technology. Still, even now, I don’t know which area of focus I want to go into. Our project, GVRSF, all these experiences are only a fantastic stepping-stone to what I hope will be a great life. But a good project never ends, only starts. There is so much we haven’t discovered. Even a simple project like ours has tons more approaching. To quote our simply delightfully highly esteemed Rustin Hieber, never say never.

Joy Wang, Kendra Fu

Targeting Glycolysis in Prostate Cancer Using ASO against MCT4
Région:Greater Vancouver
Ville:Vancouver, BC
École:York House School
Sommaire:Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, and there is currently little effective therapy. The protein MCT4, which pumps acid out of the cell to prosper, was targeted. We used different ASOs, synthetic DNA strands that complement genetic sequences, as treatment. We hoped to identify an ASO that decreases MCT4 levels, cause a decrease in lactate generation, ultimately inhibiting cancer growth.

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