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ESPC 2014 - Windsor (Ontario)

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My name is Aiden Simard. I go to a French school were I take all my classes in French. After school I spend my time going to dance where I do Tap, jazz, hip-hop, stage dance and many more. I've won many trophies and scholarships to conventions trough out Canada. I also take part in many musicals in Brandon. I also play the piano. I've always been interested in Science and have been going to science fairs for 3 years now and now am very excited to be going to the national science fair. I've always been interested in how the human body reacts to fear,and was also interested in the heart and how in works so I had the idea to combine the two and had the idea: what will rise someone's heart beat the most. Seeing , hearing or a combination of the two. In the future I would like to investigate more on how the human body reacts to fear with more senses. For other students, I would say to do a project on something your interested in.

Aiden Simard

Le sens du cœur
Région:Western Manitoba
Ville:Brandon, MB
École:École La Source
Sommaire:My project is will hearing or seeing raise someones heart rate the most. I showed my test subjects 3 pop up videos. On one I took away there eye sight, on the second I took away there hearing and on another I left both. I monitored there heart rate with a heart monitor. it was hearing that raised a persons heart rate the most.