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ESPC 2014 - Windsor (Ontario)

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Andrea - Hello! My name is Andrea Chan and I'm a grade 11 student at Lambrick Park Secondary School. My partner and my first science fair project sparked our love to improve reading for youth. This year, we wanted to see if we could use fluency, numeracy and comprehension scores to place Grade 8's on a 3-D grid that could possibly show types of interventions needed on each student. Aside from being a geek with my nerdy partner, I competitively row at a community rowing club. I hope to study in either psychology or a science in post secondary. But, hold on right here. What is a biography without typical facts about me? My nickname is Andweeb. I love cats, but seeing them in reality terrifies me. I jump and scream at loud noises, even if I'm expecting it. My mom wants me to become a doctor, but I'm hoping the university I apply to will have, "How To Be a Billionare101". I have a deep love for eating bread, I could eat it everyday! I'm a loud person so it's a bit embarrassing to be around me. Overall, I'm ecstatic to be part of team BC for the 3rd time!
Matt - My name is Matt and I am a grade 11 student at Lambrick Park Secondary School in Victoria, BC. I'm a swim instructor at a local pool and love working with youth; which is a reason why I did this project that involved reading with Grade 8 students. My pals and I lead Anti-Bullying workshops for middle school classes (although we target Grade 8's). I'm stoked to have worked with my nerd-in-crime partner, Andrea Chan, on this project this year. Most of the time my partner and I get along, but she also forces me to do a lot of annoying things like join our school rowing team and order cheesy bread (which she does not share) when we work on our science fair project. This will be my third time attending the Canada Wide Science Fair and I am super excited to be returning as a part of Team Vancouver Island!

Andrea Chan, Matt Treble

Using the Literacy Cube to Model Student Fluency, Comprehension and Numeracy
Région:Vancouver Island
Ville:Victoria, BC
École:Lambrick Park Secondary
Sommaire:A literacy cube with axes of fluency, numeracy and comprehension was used to look for patterns in grade 8 students' literacy skills. Then, using a SEE (following along as text is read) SAY (choral reading as a class) and DO (individual silent reading) approach, shifts along the literacy cube were tracked. SEE SAY DO significantly improved comprehension scores but not fluency scores.

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