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ESPC 2014 - Windsor (Ontario)

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Chloe - I'm Chloe Berard-Belzile, I am 14 years old and I go to Glenrosa Middle School. I love to draw, to sew, and cook. I have a high interest in forensic anthropology. My inspiration is because I have a huge interest in forensic anthropology and Egyptology, we wanted a project that could represent both so we chose mummification. If a student is wanting to do a project they should really chose something that is their passion, that's what I did. When you choose something from your passion you are most likely to succeed more and work harder.
Lauren - My name is Lauren Sawchuk, I'm 15 years old and I attend the South Central Interior Distance Education School(SCIDES). In my spare time I greatly enjoy learning about forensic anthropology, Egyptology, the history and science of early man, anthropology and the history and cultures of people all over the world. I also enjoy learning about the history and science of the early Greek and Egyptian astronomers, mathematicians, and architects. I do plan to attend post secondary school, however, I'm not entirely certain about what I want to major in seeing as I have a wide variety of interests. I know that no matter what I choose, I will be able to fulfill my career dreams and ambitions. I have successfully completed the bronze medallion and bronze cross life saving courses. I have also been awarded for the "quickest development/improvement of technique and stroke perfection" and for being "a great team member by enthusiastically supporting and encouraging team members" in my former swim club. My project was inspired by my two favourite interests: forensic anthropology and Egyptology. My advice to other students is to make sure that you truly love your topic and you are genuinely passionate about it.

Chloe Berard Belzile, Lauren Sawchuk

Mummy in the Maze
Région:Central Okanagan
Ville:Peachlnd, BC, Peachland, BC
École:Glenrosa Middle School
Sommaire:We took 30 pieces of beef (3x3cm) and 30 pieces of pork (20g) and coated 10 pieces (beef and pork) with salt, 10 with baking soda, and 10 pieces with cedar oil. We left the beef sitting for 2 months and the pork sitting for 1 month. Cedar oil turned out to be the most effective on each meat.