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ESPC 2015 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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I wanted to do a project that would help people, and give an insight into the what will happen if the waters in Canada continue to rise. To further my investigation I plan to begin my project from an earlier stage, and monitor it longer. The advice I would give to other students would be that when you think of a project idea of talk it over with a mentor, and even if you think it sounds overwhelming a first just start your project, the point of science fair is to learn. As well, never let your peers let you feel bad about your project, even if you are not totally confident at first about your project just work hard. If you get intimidated by your peers that are doing a project just remember that you worked just as hard as they did. Lastly I would like to say even when it is your first time doing science fair, and you don't think you have a chance of winning, just know to continue with it, everyone needs to start somewhere.

Chloee Trites

Région:Chignecto West
Ville:Bible Hill, NS
École:Bible Hill Junior High School
Sommaire:I did my project on alevin, this is a stage in the development of fish. I wanted to know the effects that warmer water (global warming) would have on our environment. To do this project I placed 100 brook trout, and 100 Artic charr eyed eggs in two diffiront water bath tempters, and I started a 10 week trial.