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ESPC 2015 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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My name is Om Agarwal, and i go to Cedar Hills Elementary (grade 7). I immigrated with my family to Canada from India about 4 years ago, and have been enjoying it here ever since. As for my hobbies, well i like pretty much everything here: Sports, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, etc. but the thing that i like most is that, you can actually choose what you want to take part in. For my future education i am thinking to go in a scientific or technical career but I'm still not completely sure currently. An issue that i have been noticing almost every day is that kids are constantly bullying each other without even realizing that they are harming others. So that's why i decided to do something about this unfortunate concern, and that's how my project came to life. If i had to extend this project further, i would probably convert my project into a web application so that it could be accessed through any device (with school administration permission, of course). My advice for other students who are planning to do a project is to emphasize on the analysis of the task, to have a better understanding.

Om Agarwal

Stop Being Bullied
Région:South Fraser
École:Cedar Hills Elementary
Sommaire:This project is an invention of a database application that allows reporting instances with respect to bullying and further permits teachers to take actions and record them. Additionally they can also place the bully under monitoring (only in severe cases) on a periodic basis. More precisely, this application helps us identify students with bad behaviors’, and see the effects of some corrective actions on them.

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