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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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Austin - Currently, I am 14 years old. I attend to Richmond Hill High School. Prior to that, i attended Silver Stream Public School from grade 4-8. I can speak fluently 8 languages and I do not have internet in my house.I play alto saxophone and percussion for my school band. I play piano in my spare time, and I am in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet. My science teacher first brought up the topic hydroponics and that is how w got our topic. In the future, my partner(Kamron Zaidi) and I will attempt to bring our project into the third world, or just introduce the public the idea of fogponic I am interested in many aspects of science, but what interests me the most is physics. For those that want to be the best, aim for the top!
Kamron - I went to Silver Stream from Grade 4 to 8, and Richmond Hill High School in Grade 9, my current grade. I have been in the gifted program since grade 4, and I have had a profound interest in science since Grade 1. At the moment I am very interested in the standard quantum model, the missing link between quantum physics and the theory of relativity, and the physics of a black hole, such as the Bekenstein–Hawking formula and Hawking radiation. I am also into mathematics. Some of my academic achievements include getting 1st in Canada in Grade 7 in the Gauss math competition and 3rd in the Pascal math competition in Grade 9. I also won 1st in York Region and 4th in Ontario in an engineering competition. I play piano and bass clarinet, and I'm in 3 bands. I am a figure skater and I enjoy teaching children to skate. The inspiration for this project came from my science teacher wanting to grow plants aeroponically, then me and my partner discovered fogponics. We plan on patenting a fogponics kit for classrooms and developing countries. My advice to others: Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough.

Austin Wu, Kamron Zaidi

Fogponics: The Future of Food
Ville:Richmond Hill, ON
École:Richmond Hill H.S.
Sommaire:While now we may take food for granted, things may soon change. The population has spiked in 200 years, and 1/9 of the world doesn’t have enough food. Also, the world is using too much pesticide, fertilizer, and water on farming each day. Using fogponics, a method of accelerating the growth of plants using fog instead of soil, these negative aspects can be reduced.

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