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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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Anthony - Hi! My name is Anthony Meyer. During the day I am a Grade 8 student at St. Matthew school in Regina. (Go Saints!) Outside class I keep busy competing in baseball, soccer, and badminton as well as playing saxophone in the school band. I have two younger brothers, and our favorite days are summer holidays at the lake or those spent exploring the field across the street from our house. In the future I would like to pursue studies in the health field or wildlife biology. I am inspired by the critical role science is going to play in our future. The urgent need to address antibiotic resistance in particular was the inspiration for our project, which looks at natural alternatives to help in the fight. I learned a lot and I think the results are promising. I would encourage all students to think about how they can use science to make the world a better place. The next great idea has to come from somewhere - why not you? I am excited to represent Saskatchewan here in Montreal, and to share this experience with the other finalists. Good luck everyone.
Rachel - Hi, my name is Rachel Manzon and I am in Grade 7 at St. Matthew school. I am a competitive swimmer and love to be in the water. I also enjoy playing the flute, writing, and reading. Some of my accomplishments include a gold medal from my flute exam and a scholarship for Canadian woodwinds. Science fair is definitely my favourite project of the school year, as I love to be able to investigate my own questions and learn more about a topic that interests me. This year I teamed up with my friend Anthony and we came up with the project Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Naturally. This project focuses on the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and finding natural ways to prevent it, such as essential oils. We tested four different antimicrobials and were able to show that essential oils are able to increase the effectiveness of antibiotics. If we were to continue this project we would look at testing different antimicrobials in the hopes that we could find synergy between them. I believe that the most important part of choosing a science fair project is making sure you have a topic that interests you.

Anthony Meyer, Rachel Manzon

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Naturally
Ville:Regina, SK
École:St. Matthew
Sommaire:We tested the antimicrobial abilities of natural products (essential oil of turmeric, essential oil of basil, and Manuka honey) against bacteria (E. coli and S. epidermidis) in the presence and absence of antibiotics (ampicillin and streptomycin). We found that oil of basil was able to increase the efficiency of antibiotics in preventing bacterial growth in a synergistic manner.